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Moser Baer

Moser Baer TFT monitor is crafted in a manner that it occupies less table space and lesser power.Moser Baer 18.5 Inch TFT Monitor.Distribution & Marketing of IT products.OUR AIM is to provide online business transactions using this website, where our channel partners & customers can seek various informations about all major IT products.Discover what you can do everyday with 10GB of data and find the best value for money in 10GB 3G data plan for USB Dongle / Modem / Data Card in Chennai.

Verbatim CD-R

CD-Recordable (CD-R) discs store up to 700MB of data or 80 minutes of CD-quality audio on a single disc. Verbatim CD-R discs utilize performance recording dyes for improved burning at high speeds, up to 52X, which allow you to record a CD in less than 2 minutes. CD-R discs are the ideal storage medium for music, digital images, data and more

Verbatim DVD-R

These one-time record discs offer 4.7GB or 120 minutes of storage capacity, ideal for recording home movies and video clips. When DVD media technology was first developed, the plus (+) and dash (-) formats had different writing/reading specifications. Today, most DVD writers and readers work with no noticeable performance differences between DVD+R and DVD-R disc formats. Check with your manufacturer’s suggested DVD format to ensure compatibility – especially with older units